⍺1-2 Fucosidase

50% Glycerol

Recombinant and highly specific exoglycosidase that hydrolyze linear ⍺1-2 linked fucose residues from glycans.

KURA_⍺1-2 Fucosidase


⍺1-2 Fucosidase

Specific cleavage of alpha 1-2 fucoside bonds from oligosaccharides.


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Product overview


⍺-1,2 Fucosidase is a highly specific exoglycosidase that releases the ⍺-1,2 fucose residues from glycans by cleaving the ⍺-1,2 fucosidase bond. Stored in glycerol for maximum activity and stability. ⍺-1,2 Fucosidase is a highly purified recombinant enzyme suitable for your glycoprotein or glycobiology workflows. 

Highly specific: Exoglycosidase catalyzes the release of terminal α1-2 linked fucoses from complex glycans.

Maximum stability: optimized to be stored for extended periods of time at -20°C and for automatization workflows.  

Highly pure: ≥ 95% purity achieved by multiple chromatographic purification steps.


EC Number:

CAS number: 37288-45-2

Product Formats: 200 μl

Product Form: Liquid

Working Temperature: Room Temp (16°C - 20°C)

Optimum pH: 5.4

Purity: ≥ 95%

Storage/Stability: Store at -20 °C.

Activity: >5 U/mL

Unit Definition: Activity Unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to convert 1 μMol of substrate converted to product (pNP-fucose pNP) at room temperature (16°C - 20°C) in 10 minutes in 100 mM Sodium Acetate pH 5.4 as determined the relationship between A405 and concentration of pNP defined in the standard curve.


Technical Datasheets

Technical Datasheet ⍺1-2 Fucosidase


KURA_⍺1-2 Fucosidase

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