⍺1-2 Fucosidase

50% Glycerol

Recombinant and highly specific exoglycosidase that hydrolyze linear ⍺1-2 linked fucose residues from glycans.

KURA_⍺1-2 Fucosidase


⍺1-2 Fucosidase

Specific cleavage of alpha 1-2 fucoside bonds from oligosaccharides.

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Product overview


⍺-1,2 Fucosidase is a highly specific exoglycosidase that releases the ⍺-1,2 fucose residues from glycans by cleaving the ⍺-1,2 fucosidase bond. Stored in glycerol for maximum activity and stability. ⍺-1,2 Fucosidase is a highly purified recombinant enzyme suitable for your glycoprotein or glycobiology workflows. 

Highly specific: Exoglycosidase catalyzes the release of terminal α1-2 linked fucoses from complex glycans.

Maximum stability: optimized to be stored for extended periods of time at -20°C and for automatization workflows.  

Highly pure: ≥ 95% purity achieved by multiple chromatographic purification steps.


EC Number:

CAS number: 37288-45-2

Product Formats: 200 μl

Product Form: Liquid

Working Temperature: Room Temp (16°C - 20°C)

Optimum pH: 5.4

Purity: ≥ 95%

Storage/Stability: Store at -20 °C.

Activity: >5 U/mL

Unit Definition: Activity Unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to convert 1 μMol of substrate converted to product (pNP-fucose pNP) at room temperature (16°C - 20°C) in 10 minutes in 100 mM Sodium Acetate pH 5.4 as determined the relationship between A405 and concentration of pNP defined in the standard curve.

Available Presentations

    200 μL


Technical Datasheets

Technical Datasheet ⍺1-2 Fucosidase


KURA_⍺1-2 Fucosidase

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