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Revolutionizing Enzymatic Tools for Multiomics Analysis

At Blikka, we are pioneering a new era of enzymatic tools for multiomics analysis. With cutting-edge advancements in molecular biology and bioengineering, our business unit is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that harness the power of enzymes across various applications. Our goal is to empower researchers, scientists, and industries with state-of-the-art enzymatic technologies, enabling them to unravel the mysteries of the biological world like never before.

Our versatile enzymatic tools have the potential to revolutionize a wide range of fields, including DNA Sequencing, Synthetic Biology, Single-Cell Analysis, Metagenomics, Epigenomics and Proteomics.

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Trypsin Clear™

Mass Spectrometry Grade Trypsin

Provides a highly specific digestion for clear results in your proteomics analysis. 


⍺1-2 Fucosidase ™

A highly specific exoglycosidase

Releases the ⍺1-2 fucose residues from glycans. Stored in glycerol for maximum activity and stability for your glycobiology workflows.


PNGase F ™

Recombinant and purified PNGase F

Manufactured to yield an efficient deglycosilation of N-glycans suitable for HPLC and mass spectrometry glycoproteomics analysis.


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