Biomarker Discovery

Genes, proteins, small molecules, or metabolites can be used as biomarkers of a biological process or disease. However, a significant number of diseases are related to the dysfunction of a protein and its interaction. Therefore, understanding the functions of proteins and their changes helps to understand diseases.

Proteomic analysis of human tissues and fluids allows the detection and quantification of a large number of proteins, leading to the discovery of potential biomarkers.


Recommended Products For Biomarker Discovery

Trypsin Clear

Highly specific digestion for clear results in proteomics analysis. Highly pure, with superior specificity and enhaced estability.

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PNGase F

Efficient deglycosilation of N-glycans from glycoproteins.


1-2 Fucosidase

Releases the ⍺1-2 fucose residues from glycans.