Clinical Testing

Clinical laboratory results are the gold standard for making clinical decisions. One of the greatest needs is to discover biomarkers that lead to the development of clinical diagnostics tests.

These provide timely information on when to make a clinical decision regarding the diagnostics and progress of a patient’s disease. Given the large number of protein biomarkers associated with diseases, proteomics analysis has become a promising method for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Proteomics is the future of precision medicine, due to its potential in diagnosis, prognosis and personalized treatment of a wide range of diseases.


Recommended Products For Clinical Testing

Trypsin Clear

Highly specific digestion for clear results in proteomics analysis. Highly pure, with superior specificity and enhaced estability.

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PNGase F

Efficient deglycosilation of N-glycans from glycoproteins.


1-2 Fucosidase

Releases the ⍺1-2 fucose residues from glycans.