Proteomics Research

Proteins are key for biological processes. Essential functions such as structural, metabolic, transport, immune, signaling among many other roles wouldn’t be possible without proteins.

Mass spectrometry has become crucial for the study of proteins, their interactions, and post-translational modifications.

Peptide mass fingerprinting and shotgun proteomics are some of the analytical techniques used for protein identification and quantification as well as for post-translational modifications (PTM) characterization.


Recommended Products For Proteomics Research

Trypsin Clear

Highly specific digestion for clear results in proteomics analysis. Highly pure, with superior specificity and enhaced estability.

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PNGase F

Efficient deglycosilation of N-glycans from glycoproteins.


1-2 Fucosidase

Releases the ⍺1-2 fucose residues from glycans.