ROOM TEMP β-Gluc for high-throughput analysis

All-in-one β-Glucuronidase stabilized in Buffer solution for Room Temp Hydrolysis.
Store at RT or 2-8 °C.


“Incredibly fast, clean, convenient β-Glucuronidase Hydrolysis at room temperature and automated drug testing compatible.”


Finden's fastest ß-glucuronidase.

This 3rd generation recombinant enzyme is specially formulated to provide a faster set up. 

B-One® effectively hydrolyzes glucuronides for as fast as instant to 15 minutes at room temperature, while
ensuring an appropriate enzymatic pH in your





Product Overview


B-One® is designed for high-throughput laboratories that use automated liquid handling instruments. It provides the most efficient hydrolytic activity at room temperature for the broadest-spectrum of conjugated analytes.

This enzyme cleaves codeine-6-glucuronide, dihydrocodeine-6-glucuronide, and other “hard-to-cleave” drug conjugates. It is stabilized in its reaction buffer and hydrolyzes at room temp to save buffer preparation and heating steps; enabling toxicology laboratories to eliminate bottlenecks in sample preparation, and permitting automated hydrolysis and same-day results. 

B-One® achieves reliable results for high-throughput clinical, forensic, workplace drug testing and other kinds of laboratories, obtaining complete recoveries for as fast as instant to 15 minutes. Samples are ready to analyze in minutes following a simplified Hydrolyze-Analyze™ concept. Because of its high purity, it is free from secondary enzymes and small contaminant molecules to eliminate interferences and unwanted conversions. 

This unique enzyme does not require supplemental buffering – its “all-in-one” formula allows you to simply add B-One® and ISDs to the urine samples; no additional reagent mixing or cleanup is needed. Learn more about the B-One benefitsSpecifications

Product Form: Liquid

Temperature: Room Temperature (20°C)

Purity: ≥ 98%

Storage/Stability: At least 18 months at 2-8°C / or 3 months at RT (20°C)

Glucuronidase activity: ≥12,000 PS-U/mL

PS-U Definition: One Product Specific Unit (PS-U) of B-One® will liberate 1.0 μg of phenolphthalein from phenolphthalein glucuronide in 5 minutes at pH 6.8 and 20°C (Recommended product working conditions).

CAS No. 9001-45-0




Technical Datasheets

Technical DataSheet B-One

Application Notes

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B-One Codeine


B-One Psilocin

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