β-glucuronidase from
H. rufescens (red abalone)

β-Glucuronidase solution from Genetically selected Haliotis rufescens. Stable for 18 months at 2-8°C.

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“Greatly improved hydrolysis efficiency enables the reduction of hydrolysis time of incubation from hours to minutes.”


BG100® is a highly efficient and partially purified molluscan β-glucuronidase derived from ocean-fresh Red abalone Haliotis rufescens entrails. This hyperthermophilic β-glucuronidase catalyzes faster hydrolysis reactions. It demonstrates a wider substrate-adaptability and greater efficiency than Helix pomatia, Patella vulgata or even generic abalone-sourced



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Product Overview


BG100® is superior to other animal β-glucuronidase preparations by its ability to provide a comprehensive and complete hydrolysis within 60 minutes. It consistently hydrolyzes all opioid and opiate glucuronides including codeine-6-glucuronide (C6G) with over 87% recovery and has been validated in SAMHSA-certified drug-testing laboratories.
Herbal cannabinoids (THC-COOH, THC, CBD, etc.) and benzodiazepines are recovered in the same incubation. BG100® has also been validated with a series of emerging designer drugs such as synthetic cannabinoids (spice, K2, etc.) and synthetic cathinones such as MDPV. In 2013, the US-National Institute on Drug-Abuse (NIDA) observed that metabolites of synthetic cannabinoids can be hydrolyzed with 10-fold less β-glucuronidase than with generic abalone preparations, enabling high-throughput synthetic cannabinoid screening.

BG100® is LC-column compatible and enables high-throughput methods. While matrix effects and column-clogging are common issues during LC-MS/MS or HPLC when using impure enzymes or crude preparations, BG100® goes through an advanced purification process which starts with a raw material of ocean-fresh (never freeze-dried) Red abalone entrails. The resulting enzyme preparation, BG100®, is optimized to minimize matrix effects, improve data quality, and achieve short injection-to-injection cycles.

In high-throughput drug-testing, BG100® enables streamlined sample preparation methods including dilute-and-shoot while eliminating the need for protein precipitation and decreasing background noise interference. Improved LOQ and LOD bring further accuracy in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), workplace drug testing, forensic drug testing, as well as anti-doping and clinical steroid profiling.


Product form: Liquid

Temperature Range: 55 - 80°C

Optimum temperature: 68°C

pH Range: 4.0 - 5.0

Optimum pH: 4.8

Specific activity: ≥ 100,000 U/mL

Storage/Stability: 2-8°C for 18 months.

Glucuronidase Activity Unit Definition: One unit will liberate 1.0 µg of phenolphthalein from phenolphthalein glucuronide per hour at pH 5.0 and 37°C


Technical Datasheets

Technical DataSheet BG100

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BG100 Benzodiazepines


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Publications & Posters

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Case studies

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