High Efficiency Recombinant

High-efficiency recombinant
14 days shelf-stable /
18 months 4°C-stable.
Activity ≥ 200 kU/mL.
For R&D use only. Not for drugs, households, or other uses.

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“Ultra-pure enzyme, thus low protein concentrations, and multiple higher activity for hard-to-cleave analytes across a wide range of drug concentrations.”


There are over 8,000 different β-glucuronidases that have been identified in nature.  BGTurbo® can catalyze complete hydrolysis of all glucuronides in just 10 minutes.


Finden’s most loyal battle horse. BGTurbo® is a highly purified recombinant β-Glucuronidase that has demonstrated its capacity to hydrolyze the most difficult and sensitive analytes in 10 minutes at 55°C.


Product Overview


BGTurbo® High efficiency Recombinant β-Glucuronidase, provides one of the highest hydrolytic activity for the broadest spectrum of conjugated analytes, including “hard to cleave” glucuronides, particularly opiates and opioids such as codeine-6-glucuronide. This ultra-pure aqueous enzyme provides reliable results for high throughput clinical, forensic, workplace drug testing or other kinds of drug testing laboratories. Flash hydrolysis and sample prep with BGTurbo® eliminate sample preparation bottle-necks while enabling automated hydrolysis and same-day report of accurate and reproducible analytical results.

We have carefully developed BGTurbo® using extensive protein modeling and wet-lab screening to create a massively optimized β-glucuronidase that not only provides one of the fastest hydrolysis, but also preserves specimen and peak integrity by eliminating unwanted conversion and minimizing background noise.

Recombinant, high-efficiency BGTurbo® maximizes LC-MS/MS production capacity and return-on-investment, is automation friendly, and is both exceptionally pure and near-perfectly consistent.

We provide you with the best hydrolysis so you can do the most for the people relying on your answers. That is what BGTurbo® offers you.Learn about the BGTurbo benefitsSpecifications

Product form: Liquid

Temperature Range: 20-55°C

Optimum temperature: 55°C

pH Range: 6.5-7.2

Optimum pH: 6.8

Specific activity: ≥ 200,000 U/mL

Purity: > 98% β-Glucuronidase

Storage/Stability: 2-8°C for at least 18 months.

Activity Unit Definition: One unit will liberate 1.0 µg of phenolphthalein from phenolphthalein glucuronide per hour at pH 6.8 and 37°C.

CAS No. 9001-45-0

Available Presentations

     5mL       10mL       50mL   


Technical Datasheets

Technical DataSheet BGTurbo

Application Notes

BGT THC-COOH & minor cannabinoids



BGT Synthetic Cannabinoids in Urine and Wastewater

BGT Opiates & Opioids

BGT Opiates & Opioids SAMHSA

BGT Buprenorphine

BGT Benzodiazepines

Publications & Posters

Incomplete hydrolysis of midazolam-glucuronide can cause false negatives on urine drug confirmation by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

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Analysis of Commercially Available Beta-Glucuronidase Enzyme and Optimum Hydrolysis Conditions in Urine

Hydrolysis efficiency comparison of two beta-glucuronidases: BG100® VS. BGTurbo®

Streamlining sample preparation with second generation enzymes



Kura Biotec Benchmark Opiates & Opioids

BGTurbo Complete Stability Report

LifeLabs achieves complete Codeine Hydrolysis while avoiding undesirable Analyte Conversions using BGTurbo®


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